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Precision Tests and Calculations

is constantly engaged in efforts to ensure the safety and quality of all wheels, whatever the vehicle they are being produced  for, and performs extremely rigorous tests on processes and end products.

Laboratory tests and in-process inspections performed with the most up-to-date machinery available on the market mean that MW guarantees design and simulation quality as well as tests on all products sold.

The technology used enables continued perfection of all new products, even with innovative steels components, and dedicated inspection systems use extreme precision and reliability to monitor constant production quality. This combination of best practices is one of the substantial differences between the quality guaranteed by MW plants and the quality offered by Companies pointing exclusively on aggressive price policies, far from MW safety levels, due both to the selection of raw materials and the quality of processes.

Main Tests and Inspections
The tests available in MW laboratories satisfy all manufacturer requirements as well as the After Market TŰV/KBA, UN/ECE 124 Specifications.

METAL LABORATORY, to analyse steel chemical composition and mechanical features. DIMENSIONAL INSPECTION, to monitor wheel geometry (DEA, WERNER)
ROTATION BENDING, to test resistance to fatigue. ROLLER TESTING, to test rubber wheel rolling resistance.
PENETRATING LIQUIDS, to highlight breakages and/or micro cracks after fatigue tests. SALT FOG, to evaluate corrosion properties and resistance to corrosion of surface treatments. exposed to salt and/or sea mists.
MTS MULTI-AXLE SIMULATOR, MW was the first European Company to use a simulator roller capable of laboratory replication of all movements and stress combinations to  wheels, simultaneously stressed on 3 axes (horizontal, vertical and curved torque): Spinning Wheel Integrated Force Transducer SWIFT.

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