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Health and Safety

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Health and SafetyThe n°1 value
The CLN Group is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, their families and future generations.
As with all the Divisions in the Group, CLN considers health and safety to be an absolute priority. To safeguard and develop health and safety culture the company is dedicated to achieving a status of “zero accidents / zero work related illnesses”.

Our Health and Safety programme

CLN has developed a particularly articulated training system involving all our human resources:
- A monthly level I Safety Committee
- A weekly Level II Safety Committee
- Basic training for all personnel
- The use of personal protective equipment
- “5 minutes for safety” every day at the beginning of each shift
- OHSA programmed inspections
- Annual health and Safety days at all sites

The project involves:
- scheduled and extraordinary maintenance of all equipment
- crosschecks between workers at various sites.



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