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special products

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Flat steels for laser cutting
A particularly suited chemical analysis and a flattening operation, which reduces residual stresses, guarantee excellent flatness, with no elastic springback on final products after laser cutting.

New generation ultra-high-resistance steels
Specially designed new lines of levellers allow for innovative processing of steel destined mainly for the automotive industry with a yield of up to 1000 MPa and a tensile strength of up to 1200 MPa.

Boron-Manganese temperable steels
These are either hot or cold rolled steels, for structural and safety parts, mainly used in the automotive sector. They are designed for quenching treatment after stamping. This type of steel is usually supplied with an aluminium coating in order to grant optimal corrosion resistance and to avoid heat oxidation during the quenching process.

Thick gauge hot rolled coils with adherent scale
Obtained through a particular chemical composition and thermomechanical treatment, this steel features the presence of a layer of thin adherent scale, which provides a good surface for painting and laser cutting without the need for sandblasting and pickling operations.

Oil-free pickled
The application of a dry film, without toxic additives, guarantees corrosion protection for at least three months without applying oil. It can be removed by the usual degreasing and is advantageous when welding fumes, slipping between sheets, sheets sticking together cause problems and environmental protection is paramount.

"Mirror-like" roughness
Cold rolled steels with a mirror-like roughness (Ra < 0.40 microns) best suited to high gloss coating applications: CHROMIUM - BRASS - GOLD plating - used for the production of cups and trophies, ornamental products and chromium plated parts.

Cold rolled: direct enamelling, two coats and one firing – two coats and two firings
Hot rolled: two coats and two firings
Aluminium laminate: low temperature enamelling

"Sandwich" steels
These are multilayer materials composed of two steel sheets bound by a resin or by a thermoplastic polymer, as a result of a continuous co-lamination process. Two families of products are available: one with a noise reduction function, the other with an increased stiffness and consequent reduction in weight.



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