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SSC Our products and services

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Thickness from 0.30 to 20 mm.
Steel strips in widths from 30 to 2100 mm.
Steel sheets in widths up to 2500 mm. and lengths up to 16000 mm.

Trapezoidal and parallelogram cutting facilities
Max 30° angle (automatic)
Angle > 30° (manual)

Polygon cutting facilities “robotized shearing”

Thickness from 0.5 to 3 mm.
Width up to 1000 mm.
Length up to 3000 mm.
The feasibility of the formats requested is assessed by our engineering department.

Press blanking facilities
Possibility of blanking directly from strips. Assessment of specific customer requests available. Press capacity up to 1600 Tons.

Mechanical pickling
Coil pickling in partnership with DELNA (coil pickling plant in HcL from 15mm to 1600 mm).

Steel soldered pipes

In partnership with O.M.V. (Lesmo, MB) -> round, oval, semi-oval, square, rectangular
Types of steel: -> uncoated, coated
Quality: -> ultra-high strength available (also for the automotive sector)

Cold re-rolled coils from strips

High and low carbon ratios
Special thickness tolerances

Laser / oxycut
Round cuts (discs) and other shapes are available upon assessment of customer’s technical specifications.
We have specialized cutting centres with fully automatic machines that can handle various configurations.

Tailored Blanks
Available upon request



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